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Spring is all about new beginnings, but it could already be lights out for Windows' Fluent Design

bombastic bob Silver badge

I'm sure it will every bit as successful as The Ribbon

this UI FAIL was all invented by the same person, let's not forget (and this person NO LONGER works for Micro-shaft as of last November, I might add)

let us ALSO not forget that Sat-Nad is [most likely] a MARXIST

"Fittingly for the son of a Marxist economist, he recently read Wolfgang Streeck's How Will Capitalism End?, a series of essays on the collapse of the neoliberal order. "He says that capitalism is a strange system in that it expects two things: employees to be insecure, but [also] confident consumers," he chuckles. 'That's what we're dependent on - it's not a stable system! 'Oh my God. I might not have a job tomorrow, but I've got to spend like a confident consumer.' [Streeck] is saying that's our problem, so you've got to create a solution.'"

And THAT is how SatNad apparently thinks.

So if this is how top-level people over at Micro-shaft think, from the INVENTION of "The Ribbon" to "The Metro" to believing MARXIST NONSENSE and the idea that employees NEED TO BE INSECURE, you have to wonder how much longer they will stay in business. And everything ELSE I read/see/experience CONFIRMS THIS.

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