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"More and more like a Fisher-Price Activity Centre every day."

Maybe millenials ONLY know how to PLAY with their computers, instead of doing work...

I was convinced long ago that Micro-shaft is being run by *CHILDREN* who want to *FORCE* their "new, shiny" up our collective rectums, without anything to make our 'experience' easier.

Since the millenial generation appears to be defined by "4 inchers", i.e. those who see and do EVERYTHING through a 4 inch screen, it makes TOTAL sense.

Micro-shaft employees who HAD A CLUE back in the 90's have all left. Those who remain are either CLUELESS or CHILDREN.

And now it's like "the blind leading the blind".

How a child, given too much power+authority, reacts: It's *MY* turn now to do it *MY* way!!!

This happened a lot beginning in the late noughties. You could count Vista as the beginning of it. You have a shift to FLATSO and "make everything look like a phone", as well as unwanted changes in the open source world, like gnome 3, systemd, and Australis.

I'm positive that it's being done by millenials, as well as a handful of old farts *trying* to be like the 'uncool dad' that learns the latest lingo and looks lame by using it wrong...

obligatory reference to 'Superiority' by Arthur C. Clarke

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