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I have never understood why anyone, ever, who actually had work to do, wanted semi-transparent/translucent windows. What is the actual benefit of having bleed through of blurry bits of an eclipsed window? All it does is make it harder to find the user interface controls... or worse, makes it more difficult to see the data you're trying to manipulate. You wouldn't accept bleed through on an image editing program; why would you accept it on its borders.

I admit it; I'm old fashioned. That's because I'm old, and I've seen the things that work and a lot of the things that don't - for me. Your mileage may vary... but for me:

- an application is either full screen, or has a hard and visible border around its visible interface.

- user interface elements should be large enough to see and click on (or on a mobile device, poke with a finger). They should probably scale according to display size (not pixel count). They should also be clear and unambiguous.

- text on a flat ground which lights up if you happen to move a pointer over it is not an interface; it is an abomination. If it does something; distinguish it.

- while one can live, in some circumstances, without menus, there is no excuse for a ribbon bar.

Come on, MS, stop messing around with the look and feel and do something useful - like separate foci for mouse and cursor. There's no need for the first click just to set focus before anything else happens...

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