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Tying Fluent to UWP pretty much ensures zero adoption, but apparently MS have copied Apple's Reality Distortion Field and so their execs can no longer see this.

The view that SatNad and crew have from inside the Redmond Distortion Field (aka Bubble) is so different from the rest of us that to me, it is just getting rather sad and depressing.

The "Nanny Microsoft knows best" attitude that they have really gets peoples backs up. The guy doing my bathroom at the moment is tearing his hair out (what little he has left) because as a sole trader, his life is on his Laptop. The lastest Windows 10 update borked it totally. I spent several hours yesterday rescuing his emails and client data from it (thanks to a Linux USB stick). Today we are going to try to re-install W10 and the plethora of updates and hope for the best.

The sad thing is that this is not the first time this has happened since he was 'persuaded' to buy the thing from PC-World (cue sighs all round) six months ago.

SatNad and co really do need to get out into the real world and see that all this 'Fluent Design' shite is just fiddling while Redmond burns.

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