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Re: @GIRZiM - Ah well, back to my PowerPoint slides

I don't need a film spoonfed to me - I like things I can get my mind into.

If your idea of entertainment is watching three people do nothing and be bored in different locations until the cast and crew lost interest in filming it, then watch 'Stranger Than Paradise' - it is mine and I can still find a wealth of nuance and depth in I didn't see in it last time after watching it and re-watching it for some thirty-four years.

I'll happily read the Gormenghast books, in which next to nothing happens for page after page after page - there's more action in the Yellow Pages!

But there's nothing there in 2001 - it's all just the Emperor's new clothes and people running around congratulating themselves that they're intellectual giants because they 'get it' whilst others are just developmentally arrested and inferior.

So, the man responsible for conning you says "Oh, no, it's not that I've produced a steaming pile of manure, it's that you aren't mentally sophisticated enough to appreciate my oeuvre."

And you believed him?

Tell you what: I've got a bridge on the Thames you might be interested in buying - here, let me show you a photo.

Get over yourself; you're not a genius with sophisticated tastes because you like a film/movie - no matter HOW many lemmings tell you you are.

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