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Add a child with fingers covered in peanut butter, jam, snot, grease, ear wax, fingerpaint, chalk dust, glitter glue, random "classroom pet" fur/poop/food, and you can kiss that touch screen goodbye.

Add in the inevitable kid that "accidentally" uses a permanent marker, ink pen, crayon, or coloured pencil, whoops there goes another screen.

Oh look! A hole! Let's see what fits in there! Now your charging/data port is full of fluff, lint, crumbs, peanut butter, ear wax, snot, fur, poop, pencil shavings, glitter glue, the random entrails of an animal you can't identify, or other substances which a forensics team would be hard pressed to determine.

Children are already the main source of destruction in the universe, bored shitless, inquisitive as hell, armed with any number of items, angry at their teacher/other students school children only make that exponentially worse.

Obviously BooHoo4U has never had a child stick a PB&J sandwich into the VCR, a pita bread into the CD/DVD tray, a Tootsieroll into a USB port, or take apart the alarm clock to find out what makes it tick... because if they had such experiences, letting a school child loose with a ~$400 bit of electronics would be the *last* item on the list of things to do by sane people.

But the rest of us are obviously mistaken. Apple devices are so rugged as to shrug off anything such a child might try, & are so inexpensive as to stand up to being used as weaponry in a cafeteria food fight.

I'm so glad BooHoo4U could set the record straight! /Sarcasm.

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