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Planning on forking out for the new iPad? Better take darn good care of it

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Raises hand as someone who manages 500 iPads for children which all have "child-proof" cases on them.

We also have a budget code for "kid broke it, our preferred repairer had to change the screen again and/or it's the third time for a new screen so it's now basically irreparable (buttons, casing, etc.) and the parents have to pay for that". An actual budget code.

In an environment where they're not ALLOWED to take the devices home. They are FORCED to put them away neatly at the end of the day, and on charge, and in a secure lockbox, overseen by an adult. They aren't ALLOWED to use them outside of lesson, unsupervised, or throw them around in the playground.

I'd estimate 2-3 a week, if not more.

Similar number of Chromebooks? 4 screen repairs in two years, all £25 module-swap replacements from Amazon. Work fine. And Chromebook are huge things with hinges and stuff.

Half the number of Android tablets? Er. Dunno. Yet to repair one.

Honestly, Apple stuff is as fragile as crystalline shite.

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