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That's one of the Groundhog Day moments, yes.

You know... the film comes on at 1 p.m. on Saturday afternoon and you watch nothing happen for an hour, go to the kitchen, make a cup of tea, come back ten minutes later and he hasn't moved a millimetre further. So you run a bath, get in it, lounge around for half an hour, dry your hair for ten minutes, come back and he still hasn't moved. So you bite the bullet and call your mother for the first time in six months and, an hour later, he still hasn't moved. So at 4 p.m. you go shopping, go to the cinema, go to a restaurant, come back at 9 p.m. and he still hasn't moved. So you check you're not losing your mind and haven't got some weird channel on by accident on which you can pause things and you've sat on the remote by accident and paused it. But, no, you haven't. So, you turn the T.V. off and go to bed and wake up late on Sunday and make a cup of teas and a fry up and sit down, read the newspapers and the supplements (all of them, cover to cover) and finally turn the telly on and...

It's still f*cking on!

So you call some friends and ask them whether this is normal and they say "Oh, yes, it's a year long that film, it's Art!"

And you think to yourself "Sod that" and say to them "What happens in the end?" and they say "Oh nothing happens in the end, it's Art" and you say "What?" and they say "Nothing happens all through the film and nothing happens at the end and nobody knows what it's about, it's amazing!" and you start looking into how you can get hold of enough BTC to buy a gun on the Darkweb so you can just shoot yourself now.

Yeah, I remember that scene now - thanks for reminding me!

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