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All three of Elon Musk's current businesses were underwritten by U.S. tax payer money.

SpaceX provides services and does development work to NASA. They were not underwritten or subsidised outside of some initial start-up funding which was available to all-comers - not a cheque that was specifically cut for SpaceX. This is no more controversial than a government agency paying Dell for computers or a software company for developing a bespoke application. Considering the amount by which SpaceX are now undercutting ULA on ISS Supply missions, that was a very worthwhile bit of investment.

Tesla and SolarCity made use of government incentive schemes, just as other electric car and solar-panel installers did. Why are you levelling special criticism at Musk? What about Nissan or BMW?

Tesla hasn't made a dime profit

Neither has Amazon. Seems like space pioneers are big into "unsuccessful" companies.

has multiple lawsuits for fatalities from users of model S vehicle operating in "autopilot" mode

O rly? There has been one fatality in a Model S and one in a Model X. There has been a separate class-action suit regarding Autopilot, but it is grossly misleading to talk about "multiple lawsuits" in relation to fatalities when each model has been involved in precisely one fatal accident. Yes, "two" is technically "multiple" but that's not what you were inferring or what readers might be reasonably expected to understand from your verbiage.

Musk is being sued by stockholders over the conversion of the solar panel company stock to $500 million in Tesla stock.

Two shareholders specifically. The remainder of Tesla's (many) investors have not felt sufficiently outraged to join the suit. That is perhaps telling. It's also not an obvious slam-dunk considering it's still rumbling on 12 months later.

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