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Ok, I see your point but you are assuming that she knew during her tenure how badly she was compensated. From the article it appears she only had the information after querying her manager.

This is why management loves secrecy! In most organizations employees are prohibited or at least discouraged from discussing compensation, supposedly because of privacy concerns. But in my experience it's mainly to cover some line manager's ass.

I will never forget my first year in a professional job, working for the US Govt - supposedly an enlightened employer. My program manager (white) was able to burn six weeks of leave on maternity leave. When put black lead computer scientist asked for the same - and bear in mind that she'd already earned it - the full request was denied, supposedly because of some upcoming field tests. Fair enough. But we accidentally stumbled on another black professional who had problems getting full sick leave. Interesting.... Time for more research.

Long story short, after one year of stonewalling the FOIA requests and demoting agitators to crap jobs, we got summary data that confirmed we we're working for racist dickheads. Many of them. One was removed, several promoted to sinecures. From that time forward everyone kept a weather eye on metrics.

Without data you have nothing. Collect data!

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