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Are you able to read this headline? Then you're not Julian Assange. His broadband is unplugged

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@Danny 2 We know there is a 'secret' Grand Jury to extradite him

No, we don't know that, because it's gibberish.

There may or may not be a grand jury working or has worked on an indictment, and if so we know (by the fact that it's not published) that it is sealed. This is not the same as "secret".

If there is, or is work to obtain, a sealed indictment, then it will have to be unsealed before the US applies for extradition.

If Assange wants to avoid extradition to the USA, bizarrely his best option is to get out of the UK ASAP, and given his limited options, it would seem to me to be potentially possible to negotiate him being deported to Sweden, which would provide him with better protection against a US indictment than being in the UK *and* which might, theoretically, be attainable (i.e. the UK isn't going to let him walk for skipping bail, but they might be persuaded that handing him over to the Swedes is sufficient).

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