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Are you able to read this headline? Then you're not Julian Assange. His broadband is unplugged

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I simply cannot understand the animosity toward Assange at all.

Are we forgetting what the US did to Chelsea Manning? They tortured her ffs! Would any of *YOU* honestly risk leaving the embassy even if there was a 1% chance you would end up it Guantanamo Bay detention camp or some other NSA/CIA black site torture hole to be detained indefinitely without trial? What about the comments from US politicians who want to have him assassinated? I can't say I'd be willing to risk it regardless of how I had to avoid it. Being stuck in an embassy seems like paradise compared to that fate.

And are we forgetting what he did for all of us? IMHO Assange did the world a huge favour by exposing some extremely important things that might otherwise have remained hidden, especially the morally unacceptable behaviour of the USA. I don't know how anyone who saw those journalists being murdered could ever think that it wasn't vital that this stuff came out. It was essential that these leaks were made public and Assange had the moral compass and the courage to do it. Regardless of what he might be like personally, he is a hero.

Sadly it seems the US propaganda has been swallowed whole without question. EG The sexual charges weren't an issue in Sweden in the first place, it was briefly investigated by the police who decided that Assange did not even have a case to answer. It was only after the US applied pressure that a loop hole in Swedish law was used to resurrect the case and try him for it in another city for the same 'crime' they had already decided he wasn't guilty of. It is propaganda 101, and labelling him a sex pest, dirty, weird etc. is a nothing more than a blatant attempt to discredit him and rob him of any public support. Judging by the comments on here, this propaganda seems to have worked as intended. It is a shame that this character assassination appears to have convinced a lot of people that his personality outweighs all the good he has done.

I expect I'll be downvoted into a smoking crater for these comments, but hell someone had to say it.

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