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Ahh, the old government subsidy attack. It was wrong before and it's wrong now.

Tesla WERE helped in the initial stages by government subsidies. The same subsidies that were available to other businesses. Any business in the same area was able able to take advantage, if they didn't that was not Musk's fault. Subsidies are used by governments all round the world to kick start business and new tech.

Tesla paid back their government loads (not subsidies).

SpaceX were paid to provide a service to NASA (not a subsidy). They have been providing that service cheaper than anyone else, so in fact, NASA have saved money by using SPaceX.

SpaceX performance history is pretty good, checkered is entirely wrong, they have over 50 flights of the F9, with two failures early on, the causes of which have been fixed.

There has been a accident with a ModelX - whoopy doo,. There were 37,461 road deaths in the US in 2016. In the same year 38,658 death by gun. Do you really think that ONE death in a X is statistically significant? Even now I suspect that computer driven cars are safer than human driven ones!

As with any company investment, on the whole the investors know what they are doing. And at the moment they are happy with Tesla. When they start dumping shares, then maybe a cause for concern, but until then Tesla are pretty safe.

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