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There's still a very good reason to own your own car, which you will smell or sit in on a regular basis if you call for a ride late at night or the morning after. For some reason people think having a few cameras in the car will prevent this, but ask any cab driver how often someone gets sick in his car and that's with an actual person there. There's a lot less social pressure if there is no human in the car.

Sure, they can say "if you make a mess we'll charge you for cleanup but how is the CAR going to know cleanup is required? Even if it can, how is the cleanup going to happen? Are the cars going to include a souped up Roomba to clean vomit off the seats and floor, and what will it be able to do about general stank from when someone with nasty BO sits in it in a humid day? Or will it simply drive itself to a place where some poor minimum wage slob has to clean it?

Thanks, but I'll stick with owning my own car even if I could save a little money otherwise.

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