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No Falcon Way: NASA to stick with SLS, SpaceX more like space ex

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STark is out of print, and DVDs of the 1993 miniseries are no longer available since some rioters set fire to Sony's distribution centre in 2011, apparently. One forum suggests it's on YouTube, but I can't find it.

Ben Elton also write This Other Eden, taking shot at environment poseurs (as opposed to people genuinely working to protect the environment) amongst others, and featuring self-contained biospheres of geodesic construction. It also featured inflatable breasts and spray-on condoms.

But the idea of self contained biospheres is going to be core to any settlement on Mars, and even should we not get that far might provide an Earth-based backup plan against toxic air pollution / nuclear winter / zombies / epidemics etc.

"We cannot allow a mine shaft gap!"

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