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What's really needed is precognition

At the moment there's no objective standard for how good the perception software of a self driving car should be so we are in danger of expecting just too much from the technology -- it has to be 100% all knowing, 100% all-seeing and 100% capable of reacting to any situation without any error. This is a bit unreasonable -- its an ideal to strive for, certainly, but its just not attainable.

An unfortunate fact of life is that if you appear out of nowhere to any driver - human or machine - then there's a high likelihood that you're going to get run over. Motorcyclists are only too aware of this problem because their machines can move faster than humans can perceive their presence (put simply, the car that gets you will have a driver that says "I didn't see him, he came out of nowhere" which, unfortunately, is true quite a lot of the time). So, if you plan to cross the road, especially at night (and doubly so in the US where street lighting is still very much in the Stone Age) you need to be aware of who's coming and make sure that they see you and you both avoid each other.

Alternatively, we could just build in precognition into the software.....

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