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"I'm not saying right or wrong that a pedestrian has to yield outside a protected zone, but it is Arizona law."

Does the law also make it legal for a driver to run a pedestrian down if it is possible to stop or go around them? Or shoot them dead and then drive over the body?

The other videos which have been uploaded make it clear that Uber doctored their video to make it appear that the pedestrian was not visible until less than 2 seconds before impact when it's clear the area is relatively well lit and she would have been visible for at least 5-6 seconds.

Under such circumstances _regardless of traffic laws regarding who must yield_ a human driver would usually be charged with vehicular homocide or reckless driving causing death. This might still happen.

With regard to 'Jaywalking' and the other pedestrian-hostile laws of the USA, I suggest you look at the following URLs: and

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