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"if you could use your own car to drop you when going out or pick you up then Uber is mostly redundant"

Except that once self-driving cars become the norm, the paradigm shift is that taxis become so cheap that it's not worth having your own car. In addition, a slightly larger taxi (6-8 seats) displaces busses (entrained for peak services), breaking away to shuttle or taxi operation (or simply parking) outside of peaks - which removes the vast inefficiency of bus routes outside peak periods.

Uber thinks it's going up against taxi companies when in fact it's going up against bus operators, taxi operators, car makers and other consortia. Self-driving vehicles is an inflection point that turns the entire transportation market on its head.

The advent of the affordable robocar means that personal vehicles will once again be something that only 10% of the population own. The difference is that they'll be something that 90% of the population USE.

The problem at the moment is companies like Uber whose aim is to "break taxi monopolies" and make a quick buck - mostly from investors - are focussed on profit instead of R&D. We're heading into Railway Mania territory.

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