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Uber self-driving car death riddle: Was LIDAR blind spot to blame?

Alan Brown Silver badge

"and with no light but the cars "

As other people have demonstrated on Youtube, Uber have cranked the gamma of their video HARD to make it appear like an unlit rural road when in fact it's a relatively well lit urban one.

I was fooled too, as what I saw was on par with what my own smartphone camera DOES show on unlit rural roads, however when there's even a single streetlight around it's far more like the other youtuber videos than the Uber one.

They've done everything they can to try and blame the victim on this one and it's backfired. Despite the stupid american anti-pedestrian laws the fact remains that a human will react to and avoid a pedestrian being where they shouldn't. Uber fucked up on an epic scale and instead of putting up their hands to the fact, tried to weasel out of it by doctoring the video and failing to release the sensor data (which would have shown the cycle being detected at least 150-200 feet out)

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