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This guy gets it, Although "his showmanship should never be allowed to hurt anyone" - *cough* autopilot vs cruise control.

There's a lot of love for this guy, some very weird comment ratings.

It's pretty safe to say that at least some of the people at NASA know their shit.

I (until a few months ago, because of the culture) teach at a university and I am sick to my back teeth of "I played this KSP thing therefore I know everything" to the point of as a hobby working on a proper simulation for parts with real limits that may even break.

It's quite obviously going to be a long road, I imagine a lot of things have assumptions that are written but well out of working memory that cause more delays to revisit, I also imagine there's all kind of software involved crossing between parties.

It isn't "give us the mass matrix, use these standard fittings and we'll get it up there hopefully"

There's quite a lot to this shit.

LASTLY: I'm not qualified to comment any further - and given the small world at my level in this area colleagues of mine STFU.

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