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I'm talking about the Julian Assange who ran as fast as he could from being investigated for rape in Sweden, and ran to the UK. It should be noted that his chances of being extradited to the US went up by at least two orders of magnitude as soon as he set foot in the UK, so he was NOT running from the possibility of being extradited to the US. I'm talking about the Julian Assange who jumped bail at the thought of going back to Sweden to face the music there. I'm talking about the Julian Assange who keeps on putting himself back into the limelight as soon as it seems that he's fading from public memory.

Yes, I have thought about it for a bit.

We should deny him the oxygen of publicity. We should wait for the Ecuadorians to get tired of his antics and kick him out. We should then give him a nice fair trial for jumping bail and contempt of court, find his ass guilty because he has no defense for those actions, lock him up in one of HM Prisons for a few months, then kick his ass out of the UK, preferably to Sweden so that he can face the music there, but Australia, from where he'll be extradited to the US so fast that his feet won't touch ground, or Ecuador, where the present government will do its best to ignore him, will do fine. Just get rid of the git.

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