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Of course Uber wants self driving cars

If you don't own your own car, you will have to hire one. Someone has to own them, and Uber has (at least for now) deep pockets thanks to their inflated valuation and will have the advantage of already having their app installed on many people's phones.

Self driving cars are a dream come true for companies like Uber and Lyft - they don't have to pay drivers or worry about when they want to come to work. Uber would control the cars and have them "work" when and where they want. If there's a football game in town next weekend it can send cars from several nearby cities to insure there is enough capacity to meet the increased demand...they can't order their drivers to do that today so they have to use surge pricing instead (they might make more profit per ride from that but they serve fewer customers so they'd probably more make more overall by serving them all at normal rates)

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