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Why release the video? What purpose does it serve other than to push public opinion against self driving cars?

The police fairly quickly said Uber did not seem to be to blame, suggesting that no human driver could have done any better. We were all left with the impression that 'some idiot' had jumped out in front of the car and kablam!

It's a fear we all have as drivers, something we know can happen, have seen happen, and, for a few, have experienced.

I think the video may have been released because it was felt it would only confirm a 'these things happen, there could have been no better outcome' perspective.

And it might have been to help shift blame from Uber, their set-up and technology, on to the driver.

"Homeless Junkie Killed Jumping In Front of Robot Car Carrying Trans Armed Robber" appears to have been a genuine newspaper story trying to lead people that way.

I don't think they realised that not everyone had been drinking the Kool Aid.

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