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The coolant temperature gauge isn't completely fake, it will show the engine warming up, but it's set up so it only starts rising above normal when the engine is practically melting and damage is being done.

The only time I've ever seen a coolant temperature gauge go high was my old Fiesta ('86 "D" reg, Mark II). One sunny day in a traffic jam, I noticed it was pegged at the highest position. Hmm. Oh, look, I'm next to a pub, so I'll park in the car park, let the poor thing cool off.

Waited a while with the bonnet open to let some air circulate up through the engine compartment just in case there was an actual problem. Got back in, turned on the ignition (but didn't start the engine). Pegged at max. Hmm. OK, the traffic's moving, so I drove to work. In the evening, I came out. Yes, once again, after a full day to cool off, pegged at max.

Took it to a garage, got the sensor changed, no problem...

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