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Human Error

Who killed the driverless car? We did, with our Technology, that millennial data doppelganger of mass personalization and uniquely meaningful alienation. Make no mistake the car’s technology nor its failure played any part in its own demise. The most autonomous among us will feign futility saying it was an impossible mechanized folly anyhow, but the culprit was of flesh and blood - a real human error. The human pedestrian failed to use the crosswalk, which was just 200 feet away, and then forgot to look before crossing a dimly lit street at night, because only a human could be so lazy and forgetful in such matters. The human driver also failed, although in a significantly more culpable and meaningful way. The vigilantly inattentive non-driver-driver. How ironic that a human should fail at such a trivially important task as a result of his utter reliance and obsession with Technology. Although the failed Technology would have you believe otherwise, in realty there is no such thing as a self-driving car, and now perhaps there never will be. Because in the end it is of no consequence the malfunctioned software, scanners or safety systems – this tragic death was caused by human failure.

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