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Uber self-driving car death riddle: Was LIDAR blind spot to blame?

Neil Barnes Silver badge

Re: "...a [Lidar] blind spot low to the ground all around the car."

All these sensors, and yet humans seem able to do this kind of thing quite a lot of the time with just a pair of mark 1 eyeballs and a g-sensor in the seat of the pants... it seems we can do remarkably complicated things with only a handful of sensors.

Though on a more serious note: I have wondered what happens when a lidar system, spitting out a presumably rather bright light (as far as its sensors are concerned) meets another lidar system. Oncoming headlights incorrectly adjusted or left on main beam are bad enough to cope with for a human driver; I'd love to know what an electronic system thinks of them. The same comment applies whether visible, IR, radar or indeed any other active lighting system is used.

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