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I studied wannacry a lot because when it came out, my colleagues (boss) didn't understand it and got terrified. We didn't get hit, but not for lack of failing to patch. I can but hope that they have fixed that as much as I told them to; I left the company not much after then. I'm getting nervous now, and I wasn't at the time.

This is concerning, not because the patching etc. because people have either done that or they're not going to, but because we don't know how they got the virus in the first place. This is worrying because the primary method of attack was random uploading through network-available vulnerable hosts and random emails, I.E. deliberate targeting. It's possible that someone had a machine with wannacry installed in the travel to new machines phase and left it off for a while, but I might wonder if someone targeted this company in some way, and if so whether they are doing it again. It's also possible that someone deliberately installed it onto the system from a USB drive or something, but I seriously hope that systems in place are good enough to deal with that. Also, the original developers were probably the nasty side of the Korean peninsula, to whom aircraft manufacturers could be a target. Random spreading is possible, but would imply that there are other infected hosts out there somewhere. Therefore, we have to wonder if this is going to spread again. Also, we have to wonder when people are going to install patches. It's a year old, my friends!

Anonymous because my boss mishandled a lot of things, as I implied, and I don't want him to know in the case that he reads this.

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