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Same mistake again

10Mbps *downstream* with nothing said about *upstream*. The Internet is a different place than it was when we started with banks of modems. Collaboration via video conferencing and backups to cloud storage mean bandwidth must now be bidirectional and not asynchronous.

Our gubbermint is not understanding this, and continuing with a decision made by BT/Openreach more than a decade ago, to provide asynchronous internet access biased 5:1 at least, for download.

Once they fix that they need to address contention and latency to prevent running the Shetland islands from a 2Mbps satellite feed with 700ms latency. Your 10Mbps to the local PoP is great, but not so much if the backhaul is 20 Mbps, shared by 200 people. Devil is in the detail. Just sayin'.

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