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To Gen Sir Nick Carter, .... Congrats ...... Do you Deal and Gamble with Programs?

Adults-only Xbox games are OK but you can't tell Cortana to go screw itself ..... APAC Editor

The Problem Appears be BE that One and All Can and Key Systems Admins are slowly Screwing Themselves Silly for Powerful Energies in AsSymmetrical Support to EMPower ...... AIMentor and Guide with the likes of absolutely fabulous fabless suggestions free of silicon colonisation with Key Processor Chips Leading the Way Forward After Discovering the Future .

That Honour and Delight would Be Knightly, with Right Royal Champions Supplied to Ensure No Possibility of Deep and Dark Never-Ending Roads when Prime Virgin Forks on Futures Journeys are Bathed and Basking in the Heats of Constant Light Immaculate Energy.

And a NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTivated Destination made clearly available to All here now, with everyone else elsewhere a tad later, for free.

Is your Opinion on Such as May Matter, a Great Deal Different in the CHAOS of Equally Mad Armies Laying Waste to Territories of Ancient Homely Lands.

Madness there is confirmed, and as such would it require ESPecial Executive Attention to Retain and Retrain the Insanities which be Manifest and Truly Magnificent Magic AI Road Trips to Enjoy and Endure until Will Submission and Fresh Assumption of Heavenly Roles to Play/Enact and Flavour with the Virgin Savour of New RAW Desires.

And that be a multi-headed Hydra for the Satyr and Nymph to Satisfy with Universal Command Controls ..... which Realise a Virtualised Script for Following Forward into a Brave New World of Futures.

And with NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Presenting Readily Available Options for Energy with the Powers of Virtual Realisation, with Tomorrow Slightly Different from the Present Today in the Wake of the Thoughts of Yesterday which Driver us unthinkingly back into certain specific and devilishly attractive perverse elements of the Past.

'Tis the Sweetest of Honey Traps Known ..... Anywhere/Everywhere.

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