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And no, I'm not talking about The Proclaimers.

Alistair Cooke's. Radio 4 have put many/all (well nearly 1,000) of the things online. I think the later ones are a bit less impressive, though I still liked them. But as an interesting piece of commentary on US 20th Century history, many of them are great. After the first few hundred you might notice him repeating the odd story, but given he'd been doing the damned things for 40 years by that point (and had never heard of a podcast) I'd happily forgive him.

The Media Show is a good podcast too. But I'm still getting used to the new host, since Steve Richards died.

Oh, and on the subject of podcasts. Mike Duncan's 'History of Rome' and then 'Revolutions' are truly brilliant. Although the first few start a bit shakily - given he'd never cast his pod before.

And my new favourite is David Crowther's 'The History of England'. He started with the Romans, and is now up to Henry VIII - but he's been slowing down. Hard to do ten years in a single podcast, when there is so much more information. Though I believe he prefers to call them shedcasts.

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