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What the @#$%&!? Microsoft bans nudity, swearing in Skype, emails, Office 365 docs


About that utopian dream of all your data in the "cloud"

So Microsoft goes on about how you don't need your own data on your own servers & computer, just trust it all to our magic "cloud" that will always be there for you.

Until apparently you post something that some corporate shill doesn't like and they lock you out of all your data, contacts & anything else they can.

The things they claim will get your account and all your data deleted include some perfectly legal things (at least in countries that still respect freedom of speech and expression).

They claim they will "only act if it's reported" but by who?... Somebody doesn't like your point of view and you are suddenly "reported"..

Did you say something Microsoft didn't like? Is someone in Microsoft using their position to go after political or ideological opponents?

Did they get paid by some political party to find ways to "vanish" their rivals? They take great care to specifically NOT give any information.

Seems the more time goes forward the more it starts looking possible that the future may resemble the very many dystopian science fiction movies with a few big corporations ruling the world & making the rules with the governments not as important.

The apologists will go on about "they are not the government so they don't have to respect your civil / speech rights"... yet the corporations are the first in like to demand they get "corporate free speech" rights and all the other rights for individuals, applied to them.

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