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You can chat to your buddies, but only in ASN.1

Given that ASN.1 can mean XML or JSON these days (the ITU standard is still updated). ASN.1 is quite cool and Web friendly.

As it happens I'm using this feature of ASN.1 right now. I get JSON objects in through a Web API, and those get deserialised, validated, reserialised as XML and then uPER as they move throughout the system where bandwidth becomes scarce (uPER is handy for that). All the code to do this serialisation to multiple wire formats is generated automatically from a single ASN.1 schema, which is kinda cool.

For my next trick I intend running the C code generated by one of the open source ASN.1 tools as a Web assembly. If that's not enough to cause widespread disgust throughout the developer community, I don't know what is...

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