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Games consoles, phones, and tablets work fine for education. Videos not so much.

I own a PlayStation 3 that was sold with a proper Linux pre installed on it. I've managed to avoid the firmware update from Sony that removed the ability to use that. So nothing wrong with using a games console for homework, if you run a real operating system on it.

I have stored on my Android phone a large subset of WikiPedia, and several other educational resources of varying reliability, including some written for children. These apps would work just as well on a tablet, I just don't own one. No Internet needed to read them.

The last time the government tried to get me to do some bullshit online course that wasn't gonna teach me anything, all the course material was half hour videos, instead of text that I could read in five minutes, that wouldn't eat into my expensive and limited bandwidth quota like useless videos. Not to mention requiring me to spend money I didn't have on a copy of Microsoft Office. After I complained, the government backed off and tried something else. FFS I have taught that subject to others, professionally and otherwise.

I prefer to read than watch a video, even if I had the bandwidth to spare. So YouTube isn't something I'd watch to learn stuff. I read faster than any video could impart information, easily skip bits that are not relevant, and you can copy and paste stuff from a text document better than you can from a YouTube video trying to teach you how to install Linux on an electric toothbrush.

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