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So... I went to check the source code to PowerDNS. I went into the security code to check for cleanliness and commenting.

1) it’s written in C++

2) there is little or no header documentation

3) The only comments are in Russian written in Latin-1 which is an improvement over 1252... but ... here is a Google translate of the first comment I tried.

Wide scope for dreams and for life. The future is open to us for years. We are given strength by force. So it was, so it is and so will always be faithfulness to the Motherland.


Somehow, using code that is supposed to “keep us safe” but is filled with poems of political propaganda about getting strength by force and motherland references... and that’s in the security code.

I don’t think I’ll bother even looking at OX. It’s probably commented with Mein Kampf.

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