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Parents blame brats' slipping school grades on crap internet speeds

Roland6 Silver badge

But the original article is also highly misleading.

Article text:

“a decent home broadband connection ...

For some time now, teachers have been warning of a nationwide risk that children could fall behind if broadband speeds are not up to par[11]"

So from the tone of the article we are lead to believe that Teachers support the uSwitch contention that what is needed is a "decent home broadband connection. Yet if we look up note 11:

"Source:, January 2016, available at –"

We see straight away (and if you bother looking up the URL it does back up the headline claim made in the URL) that Teachers were referring to School Internet connections and thus in-school usage of Internet resources not home Internet connections, and according the article the main cause of inadequate school broadband is government funding.

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