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Parents blame brats' slipping school grades on crap internet speeds

Simon 4

So getting back to the original story....

Parents are idiots. They’re lazy. They’re gullible morons.

And, according to this news story, 1 in 7 will blame “t’internet” - or lack of speedy thereof - as the reason the psychopath they’re raising (badly) didn’t pass his geometry class.

Because that’s what it really says. 1 in 7 RESPONDENTS TO THIS SURVEY are thick enough to blame slow internet as the reason they’re breeding and raising under-achievers with a victim mentality.

It’s only 1 in 7, but then there’s Jeremy Corbyn. The fact that he even has a job tells you we’re all doomed. Common sense is not in fashion.

Yes. People are dumb. And they’re having children.

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