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So you go to commission a circuit and it doesn't work for some reason, it might be trivial, but you can't raise a fault for it as the SD claim its not live, yet they're billing for it. Your service manager is useless and states you need to pay for a change request to fix the fault on the circuit they should have delivered according to your specs. You get it sorted and then find the UC isn't working properly, you investigate and find out that they didn't apply the QoS you asked for and their reason is that you didn't put the config (yes actual ios commands required!!) on the order form and change request.

Learning from your previous mistakes you add all that stuff to your new orders, you then find the new circuits your cutting over still don't work. You eventually get the config of THEIR router, usually from the engineer from the night of the failed cutover, or reluctantly from the SD, find their mistakes, complete a new change spreadsheet with the corrections in it, deal with their outsourced config writing team who build the MOP's, eventually you get your change date and at the time of cutover discover the MOP the assigned engineer has doesn't include half the info from the change spreadsheet. You do get lucky from time to time and get a great engineer who realises the MOP is junk and cuts through the crap to get the change sorted, but sadly they are becoming few and far between.

There are many many stories of woe, i should probably send in for an On-Call or who-me.

infuriating is the most polite way of expressing this.

Silo's and VF don't mix.

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