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Parents blame brats' slipping school grades on crap internet speeds

Simon 4

I know from my nephew’s school that the teachers are thicker than thick.

And I know from my sister that many parents (her included) are just f’ing lazy at parenting. My 9 year old niece doesn’t know her 4 times tables (or higher). It’s totally her parents’ fault, specifically my sister - her mum. Too lazy to go through them on the daily journeys to/from school. No, you don’t need a bloody app. Just learn your damn times tables.

And parents like to blame every other factor except themselves to explain why their little darling is underperforming.

Internet and iPad are the new babysitters. “Oh you’re doing homework? Ok then.” Stupid, lazy, gullible parents who don’t supervise their kids online.

So basically, this story is total bollocks, backed up by “statistics”.

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