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"knowing the way Ferrari operate he would probably have been instructed to give up his place anyway".

I doubt that as this was after all the first race. If the difference in points climb things might change for the top teams.

Ferrari was simply smarter this time, or should we assume their computer told them to pit. Some of the engine etc. problems are probably due to computer errors too.

I also wonder a bit about this sentence "causing the Brit to slow down more than was necessary", was he actually asked to slow down.

Somebody spoke of 1ookmh but it's like this.

"Exceeding the Pit Lane Speed Limit (from season 2014 - 60kph in practice and qualifying, 80kph during the race)".

PS, I find rally driving quite interesting too although there is no overtaking and perhaps we find qualifying in F1 interesting too, and for some reason I find the drivers less "prima donna" like than some of the F1 drivers over the years and more cool confronted with problems during the race. Could that be because they earn less and that most of the errors are of their own making and it's harder to claim otherwise.

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