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I think the notion that people "Move Off" one network to fully commit to another, is rather simplistic.

Like myself, most people I know ADD networks, apps, and sites to whatever they are already using, usually because it enables them to connect to more friends, content, or opportunities.

So there is a whole screen on my phone dedicated to just that - connectivity and social apps, each with their own merit. Sure I could use another, or even several more, and if this other platform is compelling enough I will try to get my friends on board, but we will probably still keep using any current platform.

Interestingly we do not have to move all our content as if we are moving house: because it is computer data, we can just copy over what we need.

I don't get how the people presenting just about every single "new" platform do not seem to understand that we can use /Multiple/ platforms for the same or different goals.

IMO it is a big mistake to suggest to people that they will have to abandon what they already have in order to use your new, unproven platform.

Better to present your offering as an /addition/ that enables me to do other stuff, more interesting, private, slick, secure, easy or fast, or just different because I get bored and like to try something else.

Stop trying to tell us what apps/platforms/sites/protocols to use. The successful players of the past and present have become so by offering things like (e.g.) great visual presentation, better options than telco messaging, or just not having to look at Tom.

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