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why is this country's only answer to regulate instead of making parents responsible for the fucking offspring they have brought into this world

Spot on!

It reminds me of the South Park episode on Proper Condom Use:

Sharon: You were stimulating the dog, Stanley! What came out of him was his... r-Randy?!

Randy: Well, you know, when you do that to a m-male... the... eh eh you make his... stuff come out. [Stan looks confused] Well, Jesus, haven't they taught you these things at school?!


Chef: The first thing that kids learn about sex shouldn't be some bitch-scare tactic about STDs.

Sheila: [rising] No, she's right! With all the teen pregnancies that are out today, I think my boy does need to know about sexual education. [sits, then rises again] From the school.

Parents shift their responsibility on to the government. In order to regulate, the school put adults who are doing nothing illegal at risk (of identity theft, or being on a "pervert database"). They also put kids more at risk because, when they realise they can't access normal porn sites, they will go to the more risky ones which don't check ages, using VPNs or similar, and end up viewing extreme content.

Teenagers will have sex, view porn, etc. It's up to the parent to try to stop it and/or educate them with moral standards.

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