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What have I missed?

In amongst all the articles (and comments) about this that made my eyes glaze over and worked better then Ambien, I've obviously missed something. I know it must be in there, amongst all the verbiage, because the scheme can't work without it (and the government would never implement something with no chance of working, apart from Universal Cred and a whole slew of other things).

Once a verification token has been obtained, what is to prevent the possessor from passing it around to others? People do that sort of thing with copyrighted material, despite the adverts at the beginning of DVDs telling them not to do that. Most people would see any harm in doing that with age verification. They know their mate is over 18 but doesn't have a credit/debit card, so...

And we also know that some parents/elder siblings/random strangers are happy to buy stuff (alcohol, tobacco, glue and worse) for minors. All it takes is for one adult to hand over the details (and there will be many who do so, "you're old enough to wank, go watch this") and it will rapidly spread amongst all children. You know it will. And the children will use it. You know they will.

Which leads us to the situation we have today, only with more expense and bureaucracy. So what have I missed? There's obviously some really cunning idea in all this to prevent the system being widely abused on its first day. What is it?

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