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"but we have no choice but to use it to a greater or lesser extent"

Maybe - the key is "lesser extent". If you need a FB presence for your job, use it just for that. Limit what you post, knowing you lose most control of it. Strip images of any metadata (but copyright) before uploading. Resize them at just the right resolution for their intended on-site use, sharpen for screen, and deliver in sRGB, good to display on any screen, but less useful elsewhere.

Add a watermark, FB is not liable if *other* users remove it and upload, but it can't remove it itself (although it tried:, it's not a strong protection, but it's a Copyright Act and DMCA violation removing it (and outside US may be a violation also, FB lost already a similar case in Germany), easier to pursue illegal uses, if you like.

Of course, use the ones you can afford to lose, still giving a decent showcase of your work.

Engage with customers, if needed, but nothing else, especially, don't mix it with anything personal. It's, of course, far better if you have separate addresses and telephone numbers for your job and personal life.

Use it to drive customers to your own website, hopefully hosted on systems you have a great degree of control on how your data is used.

Anyway, it's that " someone else will and we won't get the potential reach and possible new customers" that will chain you - it's not so true. I trust more a photographer with a good portfolio on his or her professional laid out site, than someone with a FB page...

At that point, it may be more important to rank well in search engines for your area, and ensure visitor are "captured" by your site and services/products (and prices).

Use socials - if you need to - don't let them use you. Know your rights.

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