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Nudge + Dev Ops = The Bleedin' Obvious + Buzzword Bullshit (apparently)

"Sarah Wells, principal engineer and platform tech lead at the Financial Times, is a passionate advocate and has been banging the drum for Nudge at various DevOps-themed events."

Let us now marvel at the new wisdom presented to us humble servants by this noble sage.....

"We started asking developers to think about things like monitoring and resilience"

Yep, devs are idiots and never think about such things.

"It's hard to tell a team that they may be woken up at 2am if it breaks."

Well, nobody in IT has ever expected that this might happen.

"You have to give your teams a level of power to take decisions"

The power of being able to decide to get the work done well without listening to the unnecessary distraction of the bullshit you spout would be welcome.

""It's about saying to people if you choose this database, we've made it easy for you to use".

What, you mean like employing an experienced database team, and developers who understand databases? Which is what you have to do if you need to use databases. Hmm. starting to see someone who's not too experienced in IT learning a bit about things and believing that she's made a whole load of original gosh wow new insights that she just HAS to share with the world.

"And be customer focused – make sure people know who to contact, she adds."

Shit, our organisation needs to be somehow organised?

"together with granular insights into which application and infrastructure changes are causing problems."

Thank you for inventing incident / change management systems and processes just now. By yourself. Nobody could ever have thought of THIS before ould they?

"developer tools startup Paddle, dashboards of "contextually relevant" information help focus minds on key metrics before they become a problem."

Oh great, a load of useless metrics to distrract me from development work. At least his company's name implies that it will be sold to customers whose poor IT management has led to them finding themselves up Shit Creek and desperately looking for a means of escape. And again, the idea seems to be that of relying on a product or snake oil philosophy to solve problems rather than using experienced people who ignore all this sort of bullshit and just succeed in delivering good quality work because they really know what they're doing.

"gamifying development can help inject a sense of competition into processes and nudge engineers to achieve higher "scores" across important metrics"

Attention nudge evangelists : any talented developers you have will leave the moment you try to foist bullshit such as this on them.

"firstly, attract people's attention so they know what you are asking them to do. Then you need to explain why they should want to do this".

How about you tell me what needs doing, and I do it because it's my job to?

"we want our teams at the FT to migrate to Amazon Linux, because it saves us money – and we have a website that shows each team how much they would save," Wells says."

Well if you'd just migrated them to Linux and told them to use it, you would have saved even more money.

I can't go on any further with this nonsense, IT at the FT was obviously expensive and disorganised, they improved things a little and now they think they've miraculously\ discovered the "secret" of effective IT and wish to share it with the world, but have, in fact, publicly embarassed themselves with this buzzwordy restating of the trivially obvious.

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