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That will arguably put you on the radar in exactly the same way googling the very secure passwords you use will.

Anyone who does search for your name (under the given circumstances) is either (i) you, (ii) someone you know or (iii) pure guesswork. Search engines can probably establish (iii) by seeing what other searches are being carried out on a device, random mush should cause any inferences to be discarded, unless there is some pattern to be deduced. (i) and (ii) could be determined from cookies and profiling of hardware/software on the device making the query. If email is sent from a pc then Reverse DNS could give some insights. Don't forget also that Google's DNS is used by a lot of people, often without knowing. Such metadata is not information in itself, but can be used as a starting point.

Yes getting to 4 from adding 2 and 2 will take one hell of a lot of doing, but if there is motivation there to crack open, it might happen.

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