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Please Please Please...

Stop having so much "faith" in Science.

Science is based on skeptical thinking. Abandoning skeptical thought and having unbridled faith in Science, and allowing no criticism of Science-as-implemented, is precisely ridiculous. It's not a church. It does not need or demand your worship.

Do I need to list specific examples of Science being sub-optimal? Are you that ill-informed?

-The entire field of Dietary Health, ever-changing facts can't be right.

-Forensics - too much amateurish nonsense ruining lives

-The Publish or Perish situation

-The for-profit Journals and their cartel-like policies

-The general failure to publish negative findings

-Office politics

-Examples of poor understanding of Statistics 101

-Drug company funded research without appropriate ethics guidance

-University Press Offices being misleading

-Human Nature

-And Fan-boy faith in all-things Science, no matter what

You do a disservice to society by being uncritical of Science-as-implemented. There is so much wrong that needs to be fixed. Unthinking fan-boys are a tiny part of the problem.

To be clear, religion is generally pure nonsense. Don't assume that I'm religious.

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