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Other beneficiaries

There are other beneficiaries who could have done something about this data leak, but it did not suit them.

Consider the parts of government tasked with the theft of their citizens, HM Revenue and Customs in the UK, the IRS is the USA, &c. They love facebook because it enables to look at people's lifestyles without having to go the the usual tedious steps of actually gathering evidence for warrants &c. It also allow them to build social networks to build cases of guilt by association. How do you think the IRS knew to ask the NSA to steal the Panama Papers from Mossack Fonseca and then leak them to Bastian Obermayer.

For similar reasons, organisations like MI5, FBI and internal security services love social media for similar reasons when they are pursuing the bad guys. Other organisations similarly like it for these reasons. Mind, bad guys also use it in this way.

Because of the utility of social media, this has inhibited discussion on it limits, how and if it should be regulated &c. Basically, all parties were a little fearful of (a) losing their benefits, and (b) looking rather foolish if they questioned very popular technologies.

Now this inevitable crisis has happened, perhaps we should start these discussions. The starting point is that there are great benefits to social media, but there can also be great harms, and how do we balance them.

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