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That is the trap we fall into. It's a bit like smoking, if you smoke you know it tastes horrible and does nothing for you yet you continue to do it convincing yourself that it does do something and that you aren't stupid enough to fall for it. That's the same with Ads, I could try to convince myself that ads don't effect me but then I would be lying to myself, for example on the very rare occasions I drink carbonated cola I buy diet coke, why is that? is it because it tastes better or is it because for most of my life I've been exposed to literally millions of coke ads? I could try to kid myself that it's the taste but in reality it's ads and the caffeine which I can get from any other brand of diet cola. It's a form of brainwashing, the ad could be rubbish or it could be brilliant, all it needs to get you to do is think of the brand then when you are out shopping and you want something you'll pick that brand. If you really are immune to advertising then in your weekly shop you would purchase absolutely no brand name products, you could argue some work better or taste better but have you tried all the non-brand named products first or have you just stuck with a brand after trying one other?

There are probably (very likely) studies that back this up, the sales numbers for brand name products definitely back this up so advertising is never going to go away and people are always going to fall for it.

Personally these days I usually only buy brand products when on special offer and never see ads because I don't watch television (no adverts internet films and tv for me) and use adblock and a pi-hole.

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