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Re: "whole basis of the referendum was a on[e] shot deal"

What if the wafer thin majority has evaporated whilst the implementation of the result has been considered? There's every indication that it has. Perhaps, if we are so concerned about democracy, we ought to really make sure ...

The government stands on a wafer thin majority, but that does not a mandate mkae for labour to insist on another general election. The vote was held and the result is the result. First comes implementation, then comes evaluation & review, and lastly comes reconsideration. Otherwise, it just isn't democracy.

I'd expect Remain might win another referendum, but then they would also likely lose the referendum after that. Certainly we would have to be asked a third time at the very least, if the result came out differently a second time.

It's not reasonable to forever be telling the EU we're leaving, but we're not, but we are, but we're not... The people were given one vote and they used it. Parliament must implement their wishes as expressed and then once we're out (actually out, not in transition), we can start a dialogue as to if or when another vote should be held about rejoining the rEU and once we have a clear documented position for what we would be joining.

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