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Google gives its $1m Turing prize to, er, top Google bods: RISC men Hennessy, Patterson

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The Reg does itself a disservice with this article...

The ACM Turing award goes back a long way. Long before there was a Google in fact. The fact that Google sponsors the prize the ACM is giving away with the gong is I would suggest barely relevant. The fact that Google which has made a habit of hoovering up the most talented people it can find ended up essentially giving money to some of those same people (chosen by the folk at the ACM) merely serves to confirm their policy is working. And of course as the article notes, the work being recognised is also from decades ago and no one is suggesting it is unworthy (far from it in fact).

So, not really sure what the troll bait headline achieves if you want to paint yourselves as serious journalists? Other than exciting comments like this of course.

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